Looking to verify a New York notary public is active?


MAY 24, 2017

Verify New York notary for apostille

The New York State Department of State Licensing Division allows you to verify whether the notary who notarized your document(s) is in good standing.

If you have a document (e.g. a power of attorney, consent, letter, degree, transcript, etc.), notarized by a New York notary public, check if the notary is active, before submitting your document for an apostille or embassy legalization. It sometimes happens that a notary forgets to renew his or her commission, makes a mistake in the expiration date of his or her license, misspells his or her name on the notary stamp. To avoid delays in the processing, it pays to check if the notary is in good standing, and if the notary information corresponds to that in his or her license.

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We can verify if the notary public who notarized your document is in good standing. It is FREE!

New York notary verificationWe will ask you to provide:

  • Notary's full name as it appears on the stamp
  • Notary's license number as it appears on the stamp. This is optional, however, there might be several notaries with the same name (for example, there are 19 notaries with the name John Smith in the State of New York). If the license number is not provided, and there are several notaries with the same name, we will ask you to provide the license number.

Read more about apostille requirements for notarized documents in the State of New York.

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